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Denial or Optimism?

Americans underestimate the amount of retirement income they will need to cover medical and dental expenses. They also believe they will be healthier in the future, but aren’t changing their exercise or health habits to make that possible.

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According to our most recent Wellness for Life survey:

  • 1 in 6 Americans go to the doctor less than once every 2 years. According to Mayo Clinic research, people who go to the doctor regularly are more likely to be healthier in the long run.
  • 1 in 8 Americans say they are currently unhealthy. However, approximately 30% of Americans are obese, according to Mayo research.
  • Almost half of Americans said their weight has increased somewhat or a great deal compared to 10 years ago. Just 16% said their weight has decreased.
  • Despite the trends of minimal exercise and increased weight, 23% of Americans expect their health to be improved in retirement.

About the survey:

This is the second year for the Wellness for Life Survey. Our goal is to learn more about attitudes toward health and finances so that we can develop better products and services to match consumers’ needs.

Wellness for Life is a unique, optional rider that encourages life insurance clients to care for their health with incentives for doing things like maintaining weight and seeing a doctor for routine checkups. With health information services from Mayo Clinic and access to a 24/7 nurseline, Wellness for Life is insurance that can benefit your life today and help you meet your future needs — Wellness for Life, from Aviva.

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How can life insurance reward you for living healthier?

Our Wellness for Life® rider provides you access to wellness information services from Mayo Clinic. You may also qualify to receive rewards which reduce the cost of your insurance.

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