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Consumer Tips

Your financial security is important to us

Like many financial services companies, Aviva may occasionally become aware of incidents targeting customers through unsolicited contact. We have diligent processes in place and an investigation unit which tracks this type of fraudulent activity. It's important that you protect yourself by being aware and understanding the potential for fraud, its risks, and how to respond.

With increasingly sophisticated technology and desperate financial times, fraud has been on the rise – often involving bogus web sites or contacts from a person claiming to be affiliated with Aviva. We are committed to detecting and prosecuting anyone attempting to use our name or otherwise reach out to our customers to commit an act of fraud.

These attempts may come in the form of fraudulent checks, offers to sell or buy shares of Aviva stock or some other non-existent investment funds, or claims that you have "won" a sweepstakes or special prize. Do not believe these offers. The initial contact may be by telephone or email, perhaps offering unsolicited advice, a gift, or investment opportunities on behalf of Aviva. The person contacting you can often be convincing, persistent and appear very professional.

In these situations, do not respond to requests for personal information like your social security number or engage further in conversation. Hang up and contact Aviva at 800-800-9882 to report the incident. You can also send an email to

Tips to protect yourself from becoming a victim:

  • Be aware. Remain vigilant. Maintain a heightened sense of suspicion if you are approached with a deal that sounds too good to be true.
  • Be wary of any unsolicited advice or investment opportunities, offers to buy shares at a discount or any requirement to pay "advance fees" in order to claim a prize or gift. Also, disregard offers of free company reports or lotteries, and prize drawings you have "won" but did not enter.
  • If you are concerned whether an approach from somebody claiming to be affiliated with Aviva actually is, contact us directly or call 800-800-9882.
  • If the calls persist, hang up and notify your local authorities.

Please share any concern you have – your financial safety and awareness is important to us.

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