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If we're going to put people before policies, the best place to start is with you. After all, we want you, first and foremost, to be confident in our mission and what we deliver.

If you agree that it's time to put the humanity back into insurance, let's talk.

  • Putting people first, first takes the right people.
  • Our plans offer the option of interest crediting based on the upward movement of a market index while protecting your clients' initial investments, which lets your clients enjoy substantial gains without risk.

    Life has its ups and downs. Our indexed universal life insurance only has ups.
  • Our unique income rider guarantees your clients an income stream for live — giving them the peace of mind to fully enjoy it.

    They say there are no guarantees in life. They need to read this.
  • Our exclusive life insurance program rewards your clients for living a healthier lifestyle and lets them take advantage of the knowlede and expertise of Mayo Clinic Health Solutions.

    When your clients stay well, you do well.

Without you, there is no us

We're on a mission to build a different kind of insurance company—one that puts people first. That means actively building insurance not only around your clients, but around YOUR success.

Competitive commission and benefits

Extensive training and education

Compelling online resources and sales tools

Service guarantee programs

Point-of-sale marketing materials

Field-focused Advanced Markets team

Dedicated field sales support teams

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In addition, our customer-focused touch points are built with you in mind. Each is designed to support and reinforce the strong client relationships you've already formed, which ultimately makes your job easier.

Welcome and anniversary calls — Ongoing contact creates long-term loyalty.

People-centric communication — Direct mail and email newsletters speak directly to your clients.

Easy-to-read statements — Customer-friendly statements use clear language and illustrations to minimize the need for follow-up.

Helpful people assist customers — A human voice, not an automated system, greets you and your clients.

Community support — Our environmental efforts and programs, like "Street to School," exemplify our commitment to supporting your clients' communities.

Our unique products will support you

Our products are designed with the flexibility and features you need to deliver what's right for your clients. Our customizable indexed universal life and indexed annuities lead the market in both number of contracts and features available. And our exclusive life insurance program, Wellness for Life®, makes clients eligible for additional savings.

Indexed Life Insurance

Aviva indexed universal life insurance has the benefits of traditional universal life plus the potential for greater growth in your policy value. That's because we base credit interest partly on the upward movement of a market index, while offering a guaranteed minimum interest rate to protect your clients from losses.

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Aviva Annuities are highly customizable, letting your clients choose how to fund their annuity, how interest is credited to it and how they take payments from it. Our program also offers a unique income rider that guarantees your clients an income stream for life.

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Wellness for Life®

Unlike a traditional universal life insurance policy where the insurance company sets the interest rate, an indexed universal life policy credits interest to your cash value based partly on the upward movement of a major-market stock index.

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Enough about us, let's hear from you.

We work hard to deliver on our promise of putting you first. See what some of our current agents and brokers have to say about how we're doing.

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